1. On the matter of the avocado-squashing bagger: Last week, as I rolled my cart through the automatic doors at my local Vons, I was all primed and ready to say something to the manager. (For real. I swear.) But I soon saw said bagger, not bagging but mopping the floor in the produce aisle. When we got to our favorite check-out dude, I asked him -totally cas of course- what happened and he said they moved him "because of complaints". I smiled guiltily and watched as my food was loaded into my bags by a new, reasonably adept bagger.

One further note: a friend reminded me that, as a former bagger myself, I am quite opinionated about how things should be bagged and I should just always insist on bagging my own groceries to preempt possible disappointment. I do think she has a point there.

2. Stepping further into the Way Back Machine, some of you may remember our effort to strive for positivity and manners: As if tantrums that include a screaming "PLEASE!?!?! PLEEEAASSSEEEE?!?!?" weren't silly enough, we now have entered the realm of the truly absurd. Whenever Z asks for something that we are going to do/give her, we often say "Yes, Z! I'd be happy to!" in a happy, singsongy (Yes, even I WANT TO SLAP MYSELF) way. What this means is that she now includes commanding me to "Be happy to!! BE! HAPPY! TOOOO!!!!" in her tantrum repertoire.

It'd be funnier if my eardrums weren't actually bleeding onto my carpet right now.

3. Last but not least: Z has developed a strong antisocial streak. With the nice weather these days (sorry my midwest friends!), we've been spending a lot of time around other kids at the playground, that is if you can consider spending time listening to your toddler scream "NO" and "MINE" every. effing. time. another kid EVEN LOOKS at the ENTIRE PUBLIC STRUCTURE she is on, "spending time with other kids". I admit, I do have a history of inferring serious mental illness from small, seemingly benign character traits.



Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about escalating stuff to be waaay too serious based on something totally benign. And it seems so silly in hindsight.

miyoko said...

Phoebe also went through an antisocial "NO!" thing where I thought she'd never be able to play with (or even LOOK at) another child ever again, but for now, it's subsided (until next week i'm sure). But we'd even be in the grocery store and even if a child wheeled by in a cart, Pheobe would scold them "NO NO NO!!!!"
oy. Talk about wanting to hide under a rock. Thank goodness it's better, but as we all know.... it'll be back.

MirasMom said...

I meant to write this note the first time you wrote about your favorite checker at the grocery store. I think it is so great in this day and age you are recognized at your Vons. I shop at the same 2 stores every week and while some checkers are familiar looking, no one has a clue who I am. I am glad your situation resolved itself and you can stay with your checker.

Kate said...

I'm a little late to comment, but wanted to say that your description of the "be happy to!" tantrum made me laugh out loud (sorry - I know it's not so funny to you - but your account is hilarious).
I'm glad the bagger thing worked out!

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