Bad things are supposed to come in TWO's, RIGHT?!?!?

Last night, our sweet babysitter came over so that we could go see the musical "Wicked". Zoe actually reached for her when she arrived and DIDN'T CRY when we left (As we've been having yet another thrilling round of separation anxiety lately, this was awesomely surprising). CG and I had a leisurely dinner (with dessert!) before the show, held hands to the theater, whispered in each other's ear during the scene changes. When we returned, we crept into Zoe's room, listened to her snurfling breath and covered her little toesies with a blanket.


This morning started early with unhappy sounds coming from Zoe's room. CG went in and I heard the sing-songy but urgent words no one wants to hear at 6:23 am: "Um, MOMMY? Could YOU COME IN HERE AND HELP ME???"

It turns out that our babysitter had failed to get both of Zoe's ample cheeks into the diaper flaps and Zoe's monstrous, lava-like morning poo was EVERYWHERE. Through her pjs, onto her HANDS, her sheets, her pillow, her pacifiers, the bumper, the crib rails. Even UNDER HER TOENAILS.


Then at Trader Joe's this morning, I picked up a can of coffee, ground it and realized that I had dropped a few extraneous grounds. So I picked up their handy DustBuster to clean it up and not knowing how to Bust Dust, I pushed the tank release rather than the power button sending the ENTIRE FULL tank of coffee grounds INTO MY SANDALS and all over the floor. One kind woman offered to help me as I tried to simultaneously console Zoe (who hates the sound of vacuums), shake coffee from in between my toes and use the waning battery power on the DustBuster to clean up the mess. I gave it a half-hearted attempt and left things WAY WORSE than before my attempts to clean up the few stray coffee grinds.

That's gotta be it for the day.... RIGHT???


My Buddy Mimi said...

I love that they provide a DustBuster for you to use!

I had my MIL visiting at one point when she realized that I didn't know how to turn on our own vacuum. In my defense, we had hardwood floors, so we basically never used it, but I could just imagine her calling up all her friends and saying that her son's wife didn't now how the vacuum worked. Priceless!

miyoko Nather said...
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Kate said...

Dude, I have totally had days like that - I am so sorry! I had one week where I spilled an ice tea on higher ups at my work, and then a few days later spilled my water at a birthday celebration at a *very* fancy restaurant. Mine came in twos so maybe yours will stop too :)

Dianna said...

Oh man. I can't even imagine the poop incident. Ick. Things have got to shape up from there!

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