Birthdays, with extra pressure.

A few weeks ago, ironically while looking for ideas for Zoe's second birthday party to which 28 people are invited, I came across this website. The idea that birthday parties for kids have gotten a bit out of hand is no surprise to anyone who's ever seen "My Sweet Sixteen" on MTV. Watching that show is like watching the families on "Supernanny"; I am torn between concerned distaste ("How in the world has it come to this?") and terror ("OH GOD, please don't let US come to THIS.")

Obviously, Zoe will not be receiving a new BMW and there will be no rap star at her event tomorrow. It's just a playdate in the park, after all.

With my parents who are in town from Jersey. And staying with us in our OVERPACKED little house.

With 18 adults and 10 kids.

With homemade cupcakes (*Okay, I just broke down and bought a box of yellow cake mix. Score one for sanity, detract one for health. Now that I'm reading "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollen, I cannot bring myself to read the polysyllabic non-foods on the ingredient label.)

With art stations and favors and balloons and a homemade "Happy Birthday Zoe" pennant.

(note Golden Retriever butt positioned for optimum shedding. Also, if you are wondering exactly how we're going to hang this thing in a park, SO AM I.)

Perhaps I need to go back to that website...


Anonymous said...

Are you going to be one of those folks in the park at 6 AM, making sure you have dibs on the perfect picnic tables? I have been to the park and playground very early on Mimi's very grumpy days, and there is always someone sitting there.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

We actually paid money (ah more excess!) to reserve one end of this cute little park in town. At "our" end, there are picnic tables in the shade and a small playground. We have it reserved at a certain time and I really really REALLY hope that we don't have to kick anyone out when we get there!

MirasMom said...

Great minds think alike! We are doing a play date in the park for Mira's birthday as well. We also reserved a picnic table. Yes, ALREADY! Her birthday party will be the weekend before the 4th of July so I decided to get on it early. And yes, we already had to go with our second choice date...CRAZY! Your party sounds like a ton of fun! Please send any tips and tricks about what works and what doesn't my way. I am especially interested in the "art stations"! You already sound more creative than me. I was just going to point them towards the play structure and maybe bring a ball or 2. Have fun! And happy early birthday to Zoe!

miyoko said...

we too are doing a playground/park birthday party. we didn't reserve because there's only one picnic table in the whole park, so we're doing blankets and the table that comes strangely equipped in our car (it serves as the floor of the trunk when it's not a table. maybe we'll luck out and get the table anyway.

birthday parties can get way out of hand super quick.

Anonymous said...

I'm all crotchety about birthday parties. I grew up without having over-the-top parties, and my kid is going to grow up the same way. She's not some international superstar who lives a fabulously extravagant lifestyle. She's a normal kid, who will have appropriate parties.

*end of tirade*

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