A few travel lessons learned, a whole lot of pictures taken.

Remind me the next time I take a trip, especially one where we'll be staying in a hotel room with Zoe (unless, of course, there is a suitable bathroom/walk-in closest into which we can shove the pack-n-play), to bring a flashlight or at least a Timex Indiglo. That way, after hanging out at the edges of the hotel bar with our baby monitor buzzing away, we can easily, quietly pick our way through the minefield of travel flotsam and toddler jetsam strewn around the hotel room. Also, later in bed, I will not have to toss and turn and try in vain to figure out what time it is on my silver dress watch, the kind with vague silver lines on a silver background that is challenging to read in broad daylight and certainly impossible to read exclusively by the glow of a fake fireplace.

Also, I MUST remember next time to bring real diapers and not just the Feel n' Learn pull ups we use during the day now that we're waging Operation Wipe Yer Own A$$. At night it's still got to be all about the don't-feel-anything, absorb-a-full-fishtank type of diapers. When it's 2 am, I don't want anyone feeling or learning ANYTHING.

Since we had to fly into Oakland and drive for a few hours, I spent a decent amount of time in the car marveling over how different traveling with a kid is these days from Ye Good Olde Days. We used to lie down in the back seat if we wanted to sleep (now that would surely get you in deep doo-doo with the real police or the Mommy police) or better yet, lie down on top of the luggage in the back of the station wagon (all the better to sling shot you straight through the windshield should you come to an abrupt stop on your way to Sea World.). What will driving with a kid be like in 20 years? Little babies encased in their own individual, soundproof, air-bagged pods? We will surely look back in HORROR at the ancient, death trap Britaxs that cost more than what a few of my friends have paid for their cars.


Once again, contrary to all my dire predictions and late night horror fantasies, we managed to have a lovely trip this past weekend at our friends' wedding in Fort Ross, a chill, and CHILLY, coastal town a few hours north of San Francisco. It was great to see friends we hadn't seen in 2 or so years and we loved breathing the green(er) air and hanging out by the ocean.

Onto the photos!

Woe is me. Must I always be tethered?

The artiste scribbles creates abstract art next to her ocean view in our hotel room. (Not pictured: the romantic 2 person Jacuzzi tub. The one we took a not-at-all romantic, 6 inch full family bath in!)

I totally wiped the cream cheese off her nose.... after I took the picture.

The winner of the dress debate! CG liked this one and I brought them all along "in case three get dirty". The pink one makes an appearance later. This picture was taken at the start of the ceremony, about 8 seconds before she started rifling through her purse and exclaiming about its contents (the ones that were supposed to keep her content and happy and QUIET) "I have toothbrutch! I HAVE KEYS!" and was whisked away.

During the toasts, Zoe was particularly fond of clapping and saying "YAY" at the end of each one. (Please ignore my friend Mike's thumb's up in the background. It's better that way.)

Oh but she was fondest of the homemade (by the maid of honor) chocolate cake!

CG got seriously choked by the chocoholic (like mother, like daughter).

Yes, we totally know that it's theoretically possible to dislocate a toddler's elbow and/or shoulder this way. But if you could only hear her delighted squeal...

The next day, at brunch, the pink dress made an appearance on my favorite little bag lady.


Kathi McCracken Dente said...

Sigh...so close and yet so far...hopefully the next time you are at the oakland airport we can see you. :)

Also, what is that cool seat belt thing she is wearing on the plane???

Love the dresses!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

kathi- So sorry to have missed you this time around!

The cares flight harness is awesome as even little Ms. Wiggly can't get out of it. Here's the URL: http://www.kidsflysafe.com/

I highly recommend it!

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