Lying low

Zoe has been sick, so sick, since Friday and once again I am shaken by how sickness takes us totally out of orbit. It's no news that I've been feeling low physically and emotionally with this pregnancy and I'm beginning to realize how much and for how long I've been out of orbit myself. All week I was looking forward to a much needed date night with CG and fun Halloween plans to help lift me out of my funk. All were canceled, of course.

It is my new strategy to be as good as possible to both of us as much as possible. Sometimes our needs are at odds. Sometimes we are in sync. This weekend we both mostly wanted to sit. Read books, many many books. Have extended doll play (her). Read New Yorkers (me). Cuddle, NO EYE POKING!, with Sweet Dog (both of us).

Dressed however we wanted. (I'll spare you the pics of me in my perma-bathrobe.)

And though neither of us is totally better, I am so grateful for so many things.

And I know we will both be better soon.


Anonymous said...

One of those times when you want your own mom to come and tuck you in and make you feel better... I hope you are all better soon.

miyoko said...

we've been sick for 2 weeks too. all of us. finally today was our first day back at music class hooray! being cooped up indoors can take it's toll. :(

i think the sadie pic and the wearing whatever she wants pic are two of my faves.

grammalouie said...

Thanks to my buddy mimi's suggestion*, I am flying out in a week so I can tuck you all in. I just hope no one is still sick!

*and an invitation from my daughter

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

Oh! I am so sorry to hear you have all been sick. Hang in there! I know how tough it can be! My hubby is gone for 6 days and Mira and I are both sick. Thank God for Grandma! I am not sure what we would do otherwise. So glad your mom will be out to take care of you guys soon. You deserve some pampering!

Erin said...

Poor sick baby. And poor Momma.

Hang in there. Even when she's feeling sick, that girl is BEAUTIFUL.

desperate housewife said...

Good for your mom! Being sick AND pregnant is the worst. Can't take any good drugs.
Hope you feel better soon!

Astarte said...

Sick kids are the most lovable, pathetic, an sweet-looking creatures on earth, I swear. That photo of her with the dog is just beautiful.

I hope you are both your happy selves soon!

Swistle said...

"Being as good as possible to both of us as much as possible" is such a good idea!

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