The ultimate craving is finally satisfied

Don't even think about it, Sweet Dog.

There's a McDonald's a few blocks from my house. (Apparently, that's how you know you live in a "transitional area"! Well, that and the closest business establishment to our home is actually a liquor store.) When this undeniable craving struck, I only had to jump in my car and drive 5 minutes. I pulled into the parking lot and saw two windows for the drive through. I figured one must be the order window and the other a pick up window, so I drove to the first window and the teenager there said "That'll be $6.73, please". I stammered and finally told her I hadn't ordered yet. She looked at me like I was .... a person with special needs... and told me this was the PAY window and I needed to get out of line, drive around the corner to the order-speaker-intercom thingy and start over. OOps.

I did ask her if she could possibly spare a bucket of BBQ sauce while I was waiting (two minutes? TOO LONG!).

Notice: I got the Chicken Selects, with pieces of actual inhumanely factory farmed chicken! as opposed to the amalgamated chicken-ish Chicken McNuggets! I'm practically Mother of the Year! Don't you think that'll make the difference between Harvard and prison for my unborn child?


My Buddy Mimi said...

Or you could have played McDonalds drive-through roulette, paid the $6.73, and eaten what some other random person had ordered.

Astarte said...

Wouldn't it have been funny to have taken the order, pulled over, hidden, and waited to see the chaos that ensued?! I mean, you could have had dinner AND a show!

Miyoko said...

after three months of morning sickness and pregnancy cravings I am sad to say phoebe now says "oooh mcdonalds go there? Lunch?" whenever we pass the golden arches. Thank goodness there's actually anti fast food zoning laws in the area so I have to drive 20 minutes for crap.

I'm also glad my feelings of "needing" taco bell Mexican pizzas to "survive" has subsided. Oy

Erin said...

HAHA! Good mom, getting those McStrips.

That photo of your dog looking on is priceless. At least let him lick the empty cardboard container. Please?

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