Weekly pregnancy roundup, or Mama's too tired for anything but bullet points

*Last night I lay in bed, crazed with worries, even ones about the sweet things that have happened lately. "I totally didn't make it clear enough to Zoe that she CANNOT feed cheese to an INFANT. I should totally wake her up and tell her to NEVER FEED CHEESE TO A BABY, right?"

*I'm so effed the next time I have the stomach flu. I'm going think: "Huh, I totally feel like I'm going to blow chunks, I guess I should stuff my face, RIGHT NOW."

*We were wandering amongst the baby clothes at Target yesterday and Zoe picked up a little fuzzy pink romper, size: Impossibly Tiny. I told her it was too small for her and she looked at me with a teenager-y "Gawd Mom, you're so lame" look and said "for the BAAA-BY, Mommy. The baby in your belly." Awwww, so sweet. I promised her we would go out and buy the baby some clothes as soon as we know what sex it is. She's still not quite clear on the whole "it could be a boy" thing.

*Also at Target yesterday, I was trying to steer Zoe towards an easy to manage, sensible, non-itchy Halloween costume (a ladybug! a doctor! a happy -happy?-witch!), something she could possibly even wear for much of the day with no fuss and she only had eyes for this. Lord help me. I bought it.

*I was totally aware of how much would have to slide when the baby comes; I was NOT prepared for it all to slide in my first trimester. The house is a wreck, we're all wearing the-bottom-of-the-drawer clothes, we eat only frozen, prepared Trader Joe's food or take-out, and I'm completely unable to parent in exactly the way I want, what with my a$$ permanently attached to the couch. I went to parenting seminar the other night about "calmer, easier parenting" hoping it would be possible to implement the ideas from my couch. Unfortunately, the ideas were pretty high maintenance (like, "spending more positive time with your child so they don't seek negative attention". PFFFFTT.) and will therefore have to wait until ..... the next baby is a toddler, I imagine.

*Oh and belly bulge (to the point of pants UNBUTTONING THEMSELVES) evident at 10 weeks. WTF?


Astarte said...

No pity here, sister - I knew I was pregnant the second time around because my belly looked funny. Argh.

That is a funny costume!!! I hope it's nice and cool that evening for her!!!

My Buddy Mimi said...

I love the costume, even if it might not be the most practical. And in theory you will have some more energy in the second trimester, so at least you have something to look forward to.

desperate housewife said...

THAT is the belly buldge? That's what my belly looks like on a good day. Humph.
I mean, congratulations! And I feel ya on that parenting seminar. Every time I go in search of parenting ideas, I realize they would involve lots more active play time with the kids, which I is not my FAVORITE thing, to be honest...

mirasmom said...

Sadly, with a second you do get bigger faster. But it could be worse. A friend of mine walked into a party at 10 weeks excited to tell people she was pregnant with her second. Before she could open her mouth people were congratulating her because her baby bulge was so big people weren't even worried they were making a mistake. How crazy is that !?!

As for the costume, I think it is great. Plus you get to avoid the princess craziness for another year...

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