Fergie has her humps. I've got my bump.

Tonight we're going out to dinner and a club to celebrate the birthday of CG's work friend. She's renting a limo for the group of us and we're supposed to "dress to the nines". This being LA and all, I assume that means my current favorite stained sweats are out.

Contrary to my usual appearance, my closet is not a completely sad, barren place. I have short little black dresses. I have ruffly, swirly, pink dance-y dresses. I have tight, slinky patterned dresses.

I also have a medium-large bump. And I'm not sure exactly how to act as an obviously pregnant woman at a club. Obviously, I will not be drinking or looking to pick up the bartender. However, I will be wanting to shake my groove thing (Where is it again? Is that it over there....?) and not terrify or disgust people while I'm at it. Should I go for the "Hey, here's my bump and I don't care" look or the "Ha ha! Nothing to see here except some loose fabric and too much beer!" look?


Kathi McCracken Dente said...

Go crazy! Wear that fun thing in your closet you have been dying to wear. If you have great clothes that still fit, I say have fun!

My Buddy Mimi said...

I vote for "Hey, here's my bump and I don't care"

As a former dancer you probably have decent legs to show off too. I didn't even have that going for me when I was pregnant.

melanie said...

I vote for showing off your bump too! I mean, if you just try and cover it up you will look frumpy right? (I would) And I can imagine looking frumpy at a club in LA is a big no-no. Besides, all the celebrities are having babies so isn't the bump the new boobjob?

(I live in Canada and have no idea about anything fashion-wise, yesterday I had to pull out the parka. Sexy.)

Eleanor Q. said...

Flaunt what you've got! (tastefully, of course) I say embrace the bump.

Kathleen said...

Yes. Bump, definitely. Shake it, don' break it, li'l J.

Astarte said...

Shake what yo' mama gave ya! And, also, some other lame joke about shaking the what the mama got in ya!

Show off the bump!

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