Sickness and lycra

Today is the first day of a three day Pilates workshop that I stupidly signed up for even though it's occurring at this most stressful time of year when really an entire weekend with a bunch of other ladies in lycra talking about breathing and posture and abdominal support is not quite as important as decorating the house with broken twinkly lights and baking disgustingly sweet holiday cookies and trying to figure out if it is indeed possible to do my ENTIRE Christmas shopping list from behind the comfort of my laptop keyboard. But I need this workshop for the continuing education credits and CG is totally capable of taking Zoe for three days of Daddy Fun Time. Why, they can go to the zoo! Or the park! Or do all our Christmas shopping at some socially responsible local artisan - and yet TOTALLY CHEAP - store!

Today is also the first day of what sounds like Zoe's first monstrously bad cold of the season and she's.... less than pleasant about it.



Astarte said...

You are going to do pilates for three days?!?! OW. That's all I can think of to say about that. OW.

And it is totally possible to do all shopping from one's laptop. I've done it for two years now. Woohoo!

Marie Green said...

I'm guessing all that lycra is going to sound Pri-tty appealling once you get there and AWAY from you sick kiddo. =)

Hope it goes well- and good for you for doing something so healthy even while prego!

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