Aaaaalllllll the girls were dancing

Today is International Dance Day.

It is also Zoe's third birthday (but since we celebrated it over a week ago, we mostly celebrated International Dance Day instead).

Always start with a saggy butt shot, I say.

(shhhh don't tell anyone but I think I may make it past this day, the last day that I really, really didn't want to give birth.)


Astarte said...

Holy cow, woman, sit down!!!! All that dancing will make you go into labor! Although, you are a serious candidate for Pregnant Dancing With The Stars, I have to say.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

HAhaha! I had a hard time editing the video because there were a few great Zoe dancing moments that unfortunately included me in the background clutching my belly during a Braxton-Hicks! I couldn't put that out on the web lest anyone think it was labor!

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