In my very pregnant state, I am supposed to be nesting. The caricature of a very pregnant woman bustling about her house, doing practical things like washing and folding baby clothes and baking cookies?



Baby clothes, baby clothes and MORE baby clothes.

If you claim that there are two and a half of CG's birthday cookies missing, I will deny, deny, DENY.

But I also find myself drawn repeatedly to crafty projects. I have started a scrapbook for Lima Bean similar to the one I made for Zoe. Once we really, truly decide on a name for this second baby girl, I want to decoupage some letters to spell it out for her, just like I did for Zoe (I posted pictures of Zoe's up here somewhere but can't find them....) Plus, I have two very important birthdays to celebrate (hopefully before Lima Bean's entrance. Uh, exit?) and I really want to celebrate them fully.

As my super wise friend K pointed out, these craft projects that call to me are rituals. The preparations I feel drawn to do for Lima Bean aren't just practical. I am getting excited about greeting her and I want to express my excitement in ways that feel beautiful, special and celebratory. I am feeling full of love for my family and want to celebrate all these milestones with every spare ounce of energy I have.

So out comes the sewing machine!

For birthday crowns (a la Amanda Soule and her gorgeous book The Creative Family):

Is it terrible that I like CG's (that's the "W" one obv) crown better than Zoe's?

And a birthday dress for Zoe in her favorite colors (with patch pockets made with the help of a bloggy online tutorial!). Hopefully I will finish this by Sunday when we will celebrate (a few weeks early to make sure it happens before Lima Bean arrives!).

I love this time of year and feel so grateful that I'm not giving birth in the heat of summer or the short, dark days of winter. How can you not feel good when springtime has sprung up all around us?

Nesting, indeed. Including right outside our back door.

Hard to see in this picture but if you look closely, you will see that on top of our outdoor speaker is ....a NEST.


Astarte said...

Whoa, woman!!!! Uh, I have some stuff that needs to be done, if you, like, run out of things at your place and stuff....

I love the crowns. And I've been itching to get my sewing machine out, too!

My Buddy Mimi said...

Awesome! I have a sewing machine somewhere too. Maybe I should use it for something other than hemming my husband's pants.

Kathleen said...

You go girl! That is A LOT of baby clothes. And I am super-impressed that you are making a dress. Clothes-making freaks me out. Please post a pic of Z in the dress when it's done!

Kira Frank said...

you made such beautiful things! While looking at the pictures from Zoe's pretend birthday, I was thinking to myself -- "wow, that dress is adorable. I want one for myself". And lo and behold I keep reading and you MADE it. SO SUPER IMPRESSED!


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