My friends, you must go out and purchase a certain book that I am about to tell you about. And not just because my dear friend wrote it. Or mentions me in it. Or because it includes a recipe for my mom's amazing whole wheat honey bread.

(Okay FINE. A small part of me thinks you should read it for those reasons alone.)

But if I can get away from being self centered for a MOMENT, may I just say that my friend is a kick ass mom/writer/person AND she also has a compelling story to tell.



Catherine Newman wrote the back cover blurb. It just doesn't get any cooler than that.


grammalouie said...

So I ordered it already. Can't wait to see myself in print!

Astarte said...

I ordered it, too!

grammalouie said...

The book just arrived. CBHM is more than just "mentioned"; there's a whole section on her! And MY bread recipe is there too!!

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