Happy (sort of) birthday

Dear Zoe,

Today was not your birthday. Your actual birthday is not for another 2 weeks. But we decided to celebrate today because we wanted to make sure it happened before Lima Bean arrives. Luckily that worked out. I did not squat and drop Lima Bean in the bouncy castle and, though it was 95 degrees of HELL outside, we had a really fun day filled with all your favorite things. Everyone wore orange and yellow, your favorite colors, and enjoyed the lemon cake with orange icing, as per your request. There was a bouncy castle, musician/face painter, helium balloons, bubbles, homemade lemonade (from our lemons), and lots of presents.

I felt a little silly doing all this for a three year old's birthday party. But I don't regret doing any of it for you. That may be due to some guilt over the way your life is about to change, but I thoroughly enjoyed spoiling you today and wouldn't do anything differently.

You waited by the window for your friends to arrive. You wore the dress I made for you and didn't even notice the bumpy seams. Thank you for that.

You helped Daddy blow up the balloons (thank goodness for "head phones".)

You got your arm painted ("NOT ON MY FACE!").

You opened presents after all your guests had gone and your sugar-coma-induced nap was over. (Thank you for not commenting on how I looked a whole lot like a pumpkin in my orange dress. Unlike other people. AHEM.)

I made you wear your birthday crown, even if it was just for a picture.

And for the piece de resistance, you rode around in your present from us: a bike trailer to accompany Daddy on rides. In orange, of course.

In the coming weeks, months, YEARS, you will have to share a lot of things, including my time and attention but HOPEFULLY not an exact birthday (trust me when I tell you that I wish I had control over that.). I think having a sister to share with will be a good thing in the long run. But today was all about you and I think that's as it should be. You may never remember this day but I will always remember it as the last birthday for you, my only child. Soon you will be a big sister and I look forward to getting to know that new incarnation of you as well.

Happy (almost, not really, but let's pretend) birthday. I love you so very much.


your Clueless But Hopeful Mama


Michelle said...

Happy (early) birthday, Zoe! I love, love, love the dress. Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, all those pictures are SO CUTE. The crown...man that brings back memories.

What a good mommy

Hillary said...

I love the idea of everyone wearing her favorite colors. So thoughtful ...

Kathleen said...

WOW! What a great party! I LOVE Zoe's dress! And a bike trailer for a present - how great! (And you do not look like a pumpkin in that dress, li'l J!)

grammalouie said...

Oh, tears to my eyes!
What a lucky little girl Zoe is to have you for her mother.
Miss you all SO much!!
Love, love, love

artemisia said...

Oh! This is just LOVELY. Zoe is very lucky. (When I thought I might have a child someday, I always wanted to name her Zoe. Wonderful name!)

desperate housewife said...

Geez, this post made me CRY a little! I remember so vividly feeling guilty at Addy's second birthday party because I'd just had Eli weeks before and had no energy to plan anything elaborate and fun for her. I think it's such a good idea that you made sure to squeeze in Zoe's birthday party before the baby came. What a wonderful memory!
Oh, and my mama used to make us girls birthday dresses, too. I loved it. Until I was about eight. I still have a few of them that Addy wears!

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

That IS the same dress that I made! The pattern and the directions were kind of confusing! I read the directions about a zillion times and finally figured out the top part.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh my, where have I been? I am in love with this blog of yours.

Also? It is OK. It is. You will all adapt and you will have so much love it will all spill out of your heart and down the front of your shirt.

I know, because I did this nine months ago.

Good luck to you and you have one new subscriber tonight.

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