Goodbye. (Hello.)

Goodbye avocados everyday.

Goodbye lemons from the backyard.

Goodbye view of the neighborhood palm trees from my favorite spot on the hammock.

Goodbye mild winters and perma-sun. (Hello seasons and moisture. Humidity and greenery.)

Goodbye breakfast at Auntie Ems and Marstons' salads and Zelo pizza and the homemade smores at Parkway Grill. (Hello.... um, please tell me there's good food in Northern Virginia.)

Goodbye LA traffic. (Hello Beltway.)

Goodbye farmer's market. (Hello Polyface farm.)

Goodbye tank tops and cotton cardigans all year round. (Hello wool mittens and hats and scarves and rain coats and boots and ...... )

Goodbye City of Angels. (Hello City of Obama.)

Goodbye Kidspace and Shane's Inspiration and Travel Town. (Hello Smithsonian and, uh, the Capitol?)

Goodbye Venice beach. (Hello.... Potomac River?)

Goodbye four years of my life in LA. (Hello to a brand new life in Northern Virginia.)


I will board a plane tomorrow with my mom (BLESS HER SOUL.) and my two girls. We leave for the airport at 5 am and hope to arrive at the lake houses by midnight. Can't tell you why it's going to take so long; I blacked out after hearing about a 4 and a half hour layover at JFK.

I hope to be blogging while we're in Vermont but without CG around, I can't promise much. (Though I have one in the pipeline because I finally got a Basic Blogger 101 understanding of a "scheduled post").

See you all on the flip side.


Jenni said...

but the dc meto area is awesome, i promise.

Kate said...

Best of luck with the move!

miyoko said...

oh if JFK wasn't Such a haul, i'd haul out there and hang out for 4 hours. It would make me so happy to see the four girls smile together! :D

One good thing is i know a DC family vacation will be sometime in the not too too distant future and whenever you visit NJ we can try to meet up.

safe traveling!

Marie Green said...

My bff lives in the dc metro, and there are many opportunities. And the winters are quite mild, at least compared to ours. ;) However, after being in CA for awhile, perhaps a mild winter and change of seasons will be fun for a time?

I hope it goes well and I can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Gina said...

I used to travel to N. Virginia regularly for work and the best Thai food around can be found in Chantily at Thai Basil I liked them so much I would call in an order as I got off the plane at Dulles to pick up for dinner and eat at the hotel.


They've gotten really popular since the proprietor beat Bobby Flay on a Food Network throwdown for the best Pad Thai, but they also offer fast take-out if you don't want to wait (or if you have two little kids - hypothetically speaking).

My Buddy Mimi said...

Take care!

Amie said...

I wish you all the best in your new move. You'll miss Los Angeles but you'll love your new home.

bat7mess said...

Moving is so hard :( But you are moving to a great place. I have lived in the DC area for 13 years- lots of culture, lots of fun for the kids. It's no SoCal, but it's not all that bad. Best of luck with everything!

www.thehistoryofellen.com said...

We have farmer's markets and Trader Joe's and Wegmans and Great Falls, and Rock Creek Park, and I can't believe I am trying to sell this place to a fellow former Californian.

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