Before Leaving California #7: One last trip to the Pacific Ocean

It is our last weekend here in California. So, of course, we had to go to the beach and say goodbye.

Because apparently it's been too long since I last forcibly cleaned sand from a certain toddler's ears. (New thought! If she doesn't care, don't bother! It'll come out on its own eventually. Brought to you by Two Children/Lower Standards.)

I like to rock the ring sling even without the baby in it. That's how I roll. Also? I like to face AWAY from the glorious ocean, read the paper and forget to bring any proper shade providing devices for my poor defenseless infant. Clearly I am not meant to be a beach person.

Fortunately, I think at least one of my daughters was meant to be a beach person.


Kathi McCracken Dente said...

Heh! Mira and Zoe have the same swim suit! I love it and Target. Best $12 I spent this year! Glad Zoe got one last run on the beach. Once in VA take her to the outer banks of NC. I love it there. Though it always seems strange to me the sun doesn't set over the ocean.

bessieviola said...

Lovely. So glad you got one more day there in!

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