Before Leaving California #6: Get our a$$es to the Getty Center

It was a gorgeous day. Zoe was going to school after a day spent slowly killing my will to live. CG met me, Eliza and my in-laws at the Getty, a place that we've been trying to get to for years.

FINALLY, we made the time to bask in its glorious architecture.

Eliza really enjoyed the tour explaining the intricacies of the design. (Okay, fine, she slept through the whole thing.)

The bougainvilleas grow up through rebar trees. Gorgeous.

Eliza tried out our new sling. Mama's jury is still out on the whole "ring sling" design.

We thought about reclining nude with that gorgeous statue but the security guards prevented us. Douches.

We felt pretty darn guilty about not taking Zoe, who would have LOVED the steps, fountains, zig zag paths and tram to the parking garage. So once we picked her up, we went to the farmer's market and let her have a whole sno-cone before dinner. Because a huge dose of sugar seemed like JUST the thing to improve her behavior of late.

Pretty much a win, win, WIN for everyone!

In summary, get thee to the Getty!


Amie said...

Oh I am really jonesing for the Getty. It is sooo on my things I miss about Los Angeles list. I love taking my camera there because it is nearly impossible to take a bad pic there and it makes me feel like a great photographer.

By the way, I wasn't so much into my ring sling at first but now that my little one is a bit older I it is a lifesaver for us.

Eleanor Q. said...

I love the Getty- the garden and the architecture are just wonderful to wander around and gaze at. I have the Moby sling and love it. It was snug and secure but has a lot of different wrap options for as they grow.

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