The other times

The other times I don't write, it is because there is just no justifying blogging when life is this full (and challenging).

I've got a messy cold and am counting the days 'till the rest of the family falls ill.

My house is a tangle of half-unpacked boxes and half-done laundry and everyday I feel I'm falling further behind.

My oldest daughter is in a no man's land of "one nap is too many, no nap is not enough". Symptoms include screaming naptimes, pushing bedtimes and falling apart at the smallest provocation.

My youngest daughter is getting more interested in the world around her and is starting to roll and scoot around in pursuit of anything small and hard and choke-able. What, exactly, will life be like when she requires more of me than a little nursing here and a few diaper changes there?

And. AND. I'm ridiculously sad about Patrick Swayze's death.
Z., October 2006
E. September 2009

On the plus side, there is "Mad Men" and "Glee" and "So You Think You Can Dance". Honeycrisp apples and extra dark chocolate and the promise of fall.

I think instead of folding laundry I'm now going to surf the web in search of Halloween costumes to cram my children into.


artemisia said...

I actually cried a little about Patrick.

Here's to fall and to the cycle starting all over again...

Marie Green said...

OH, I was so saddened too, by his death. I did have fun though, spending the day posting Dirty Dancing quotes on Facebook! Also: Marin had that shirt too, only hers was purple!

Whimsy said...

Did you watch the B. Walters special with his last interview? He and his wife were very sweet.

Yay for fall! And the honeycrisp apples are the BEST! And I'm also figuring out a Halloween costume for Alice. Fun!

Hillary said...

That is a great onesie!

Michelle said...

I am so very envious that you have that onsie. I am off to find one right away. So sad about Patrick.

Good Enough Mom said...

1. Your babies have the EXACT SAME SMILE.
2. Honeycrisp apples are the BEST!
3. What you haven't experienced yet about having 2 kids...they will eventually play with each other! And this will free you up in unexpected ways...
4. Sounds like you still have a lot of fall-out from the big move...what a doozy of a transition for everyone! Can you find a sitter so that you can get some boxes unpacked without hearing a nap meltdown in the next room?

miyoko said...

you get to enjoy an east coast autumn!!!! :D go apple picking, pumpkin picking and have some cider! :D Isobel is up on all fours, rocking back and forth getting ready for take off!

Gina said...

We're in the same no-man's land of napping right now and I have no advice real advice. Lately, when it was clear a nap wasn't going to happen without me drugging him, I have just set a timer for one hour, told him to play quietly in his room so "mama can work" (or give the baby some one-on-one time). After an hour he is "free" and we go about our day (with more meltdowns, of course) and then we rejoice when he falls into bed exhausted at some ridiculously early hour like 7:00 pm.

And fall is my favorite season. I am so looking forward to cooler weather, fall food, and the holidays with two little ones.

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

Yay for E. How exciting that she is rolling and scooting. T. hasn't quite figured it out yet but she sure is trying. Wish I could come over, put them on a mat to play and help you unpack. And I am also very sad about Patrick. This seems to be the year the 80's died.

Existential Waitress said...

mmmmm Honeycrisp apples and extra dark chocolate.

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