The sweet spot

Dear E.,

You are in a sweet spot, perhaps the sweetest spot known to man me, between the buzzing blur of early infancy and the crazy-making mobile-without-an-ounce-of-self-preservation days of later babyhood.

At four months old you are old enough to smile and laugh with such open, innocent perfection it never fails to make me smile too.

You flap your arms and pant a little when you see the boob come in a for a landing and you often coo contentedly as you nurse, gazing up at me like I'm a goddess.

Your excitement is palpable when you grab something and triumphantly stuff it in your mouth. WHOAH! CHECK ME OUT!

When you are happy in your bouncy chair, you turn into a little Gregory Hines, watching your feet as they tap and stomp out an intricate rhythm and then looking up at me like yeah, that's right, did you catch that?You (mostly) sleep like a champ and I can still take you on errands in your car seat during naps.

Your crazy infant reflux-y barfing hasn't happened for several months.

You aren't teething yet (though your drool production and interest in chomping on things have shown a rapid uptick lately).

You aren't crawling or able to get into too much trouble yet (but you are rolling and eyeing your options intensely for when it will be possible).

You don't make messes for me to clean up (other than those diapers, which, WHOAH.).

So when the pediatrician gave us the green light for solids, rice cereal, because you are big enough and have started waking up some nights hungry, I said No, thanks. We'll wait. We're in a sweet spot I never want to leave.

This is why people say I want a baby.

You, right now, make me want TWENTY MILLION babies.


Your Clueless But Hopeful Mama


bat7mess said...

This made me smile :) Enjoy that sweet spot! We just hit 6 months and are leaving the sweet spot behind (but looking forward to other fun stages)!

Good Enough Mom said...

Aww...I know that feeling so well! And you're right--this is just the age when they start to trick you into wanting more babies.

Do you read the dooce.com blog? Here is what she wrote about her sweet 1-year-old...I had to laugh--it's so true (and sort-of fits with your blog):

"You are what I call The Ruse. And I am not falling for it, not one bit. No way. I'm guessing your kind is evolution's way of sustaining our species. Because you and your irresistible cuteness and mood could fool a woman into having lots and lots of babies. BUT I AM NO FOOL. You know why? Because I have already lived through the third year of someone's life, and I know yours is coming. And when it hits, when you throw your body across the floor in a fit of rage, I'll be all SEE! I KNEW IT! Behind all those smiles and adorable dimples lies an evil three-year-old!"

-excerpted from Dooce.com

Amie said...


artemisia said...

Oh, I love when they coo! That just makes me melt completely. And kick and squirm and smile. yeah, this is a nice stage.

miyoko said...

yep a TOTAL sweet spot. we are still in that spot. so you'll be glad to know it lasts for a little longer than a blink. :D I LOVE whenever the hooter hider comes out of my bag and i drape it over my head, I. starts this half laugh/half hooray of "he! ha! ha! he!"

and the nursing smiles and coos are PRICELESS.
;) makes nursing worth it.

miyoko said...

oh and the first pic totally reminds me of you and the third pic totally reminds me of Miss Z.

Erin said...

OH MY GOODNESS. This post should come with a WARNING. She is radiating Baby Joy. If I weren't pregnant already, I'd be getting pregnant after this.

Anonymous said...

You give me hope

Astarte said...

OMG, she almost makes me want another one!!!!! Good lord, she is gorgeous. What a sweet, loving post. You make me smile, mama bear. :)

Marie Green said...

Can you hear that awful noise? It is my ovaries, wailing and gnashing their teeth! Oh the piteous existence it is for these poor, underused organs!

Related: I'm glad you don't live, say, next door, or I would surely devour her whole!

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