A few lessons from the weekend

Start out with an open mind and low expectations. You may or may not have time to yourself. You may or may not have meaningful alone time with your spouse. You may or may not "get anything done" around the house. You may or may not go somewhere new or do something most people would consider "fun". You may or may not get any rest of any kind.

With that said, it's a good idea to have somewhere new and fun to go. It's good to get outside, even if it's raining, even if it's frigid.

Let your dog run off leash. Remember you didn't exactly bring your leash either.

It's good to make a date with another family with at least one member that at least one member of your family really likes. (We had a successful playdate! GO US!)

Go ahead, dress your girls in matching pjs. A 6:30 am wakeup on Sunday morning is just a little more bearable that way.

Try to limit the sugar because even though those bakery cookies the size of your head are delish, EVERYONE seems to crash and burn after too much sugar.

After things have been going really well, you may be tempted to check on Facebook and read your childless friends' status updates. DO NOT as you will have been up for 6 hours and they will say things like "Just woke up and am trying to decide between brunch with the paper or watching a movie in bed." and you will want to poke them and/or yourself in the eye with a sharp stick.

Hope you all had a good weekend!


Marie Green said...

I recently got really jealous of my married-but-no-children cousin, who said something on fb about going to Comedy Sports later.... and it was already almost 10 pm. I REMEMBER THE DAYS OF NOT EVEN GOING *OUT* UNTIL 10PM. Or later.

Man, I was so jealous of that freedom.

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

Love the matching PJS! Got to get me some! And congrats on the play date. Was this with the mom from preschool?

Hillary said...

Comparing lives on Facebook is dangerous. I got all excited for a 5-hour stretch at night for The Lad only to read a status update about a baby born one day before him sleeping for NINE hours straight. GAH!

Yay for matching pjs and playdates.

Michelle said...

Hurray for playdates. Looks like you had a lovely weekend.
And I love matchy-matchy pjs. Actually anything matchy-matchy. I blame my mother who dressed my sister and me alike.

Grateful Twin Mom said...

Sounds perfect. Your outdoor photos look fantastic. Glad to hear about the successful playdate! Yea you, indeed.

Good Enough Mom said...

I almost peed on myself laughing at that last line! (Thank god for kegels, or that would have been a mess.) Hysterical...and SO TRUE!

Your girls are absolutely adorable. And--horray! for a spontaneous weekend and a good playdate. Woo hoo you!

Good Enough Mom said...

To clarify...I meant the stick-in-the-eye comment...not the hope-you-had-a-good-wkend one...
still laughing...

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