A weekend, in pictures.

Z likes to play hide and seek around the trashcans.
Mama likes stripes just a leeetle too much.
Her future's so bright....
We totally dig this playground. It's "universally accessible" for kids of mixed abilities. RAD.
Unfortunately, it's not accessible by my A$$.


Marie Green said...

Love the stripes! There are NEVER too many stripes! Also, I miss the park... Winter is waning a bit here- it's in the upper 30's today, and I'm not even kidding you that it feels WARM.

Anonymous said...

I go to the same playground whenever I get the chance. There is also a drive-through Starbucks in Burbank, which isn't too far away, and somehow my car always ends up going by there on my way home.

miyoko said...

yeah we're looking out our apartment window at slushy grey snow. we will live through you guys until April warms things up....

you'd think they'd have awesome indoor playgrounds like they do there (especially with the weather and winter and all), but no, they don't.

Kathleen said...

These photos made me so happy! To see little Z thoughout her weekend... so lovely!

Glad you outed yourself on the tongue and nose weirdness cuz if you hadn't I would've.

And are you actually carrying a bag I gave you... or one just like it?

love to you.

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