Anyone need a nap? (I do! I DO!)

This past weekend, CG had the poor fortune to suffer from a food poisoning/stomach bug extravaganza. Luckily, he was also the recipient of a Zoe certified nap.

First, you are instructed to lie "on your TUMMY" before being covered with layers and layers of blankets.
Then there are the not-so-gentle pats on the back.
Followed by the full body hug/Wrestlemania body slam for extra healing.


By the time you read this, I'll be in New Jersey. We are stopping off in my old homeland before heading to Vermont for a week or so of rest and relaxation toddler wrangling in a green and family-full locale. I won't be posting much for awhile, but hope to be reading your posts (and emails!) from a dock overlooking the most beautiful lake I've ever known. (After a really good nap, of course.)


miyoko said...

ooooh if you're passing through my hood call me! :D you'll love it in this neck of the woods-- the weather has been absolutely AMAZING-- clear, cool, humidity free!!!!! enjoy!!! have a safe and wonderful VACATION!!!

grammalouie said...

We have a dolly bed all set up for Zoe's dolls (the very same bed your dollies once slept in and mine too, for that matter). Can't wait to have you all here!!Be safe tomorrow - yippee - you're coming!!

lotsa love and and kisses, grammalouie

My Buddy Mimi said...

I've decided to stop thinking of them as vacation. If I think of it as a "family trip" then I am less disappointed when I return more thired than when I started.

Astarte said...

Oh, God, I miss Vermont. I lived there for several years, and probably never will again. DH wants to move back to FL, and I want to go to VT, so we're stuck here in MD forever. Have a wonderful time!!!

Also, I love the 'roadkill' picture!

Kate said...

The Zoe nap is HILARIOUS and WONDERFUL. How sweet!

Have a good trip :)

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