Today's motherly advice

Dear Zoe,

If, someday, you find yourself hiking on a trail with your dog and a friend and you happen to accidentally drop your cellphone down the dusty embankment off the trail, LEAVE IT THERE. Do not think you can easily scramble down the impossibly dry, crumbly cliff. Those brambly branches? They will fall apart in your hand. The rocks you see? They too will tumble down the cliff. WITH YOU.

Seriously. You can buy another cellphone. You cannot buy new skin for your legs. Or a new life should you lose yours trying to retrieve a freakin' cellphone.


your Clueless But Hopeful Mama


My Buddy Mimi said...

Ouch! But you can probably rack up some nice sympathy points with that one.

Mommy Daisy said...

Ouch. Lesson learned.

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