Taking flight

I leave tomorrow for four days in New Jersey to freeze my buns off and hold my mom's hand and repeat magical healing mantras in my dad's hospital room after his surgery. That is, if they let me in since I have my second nasty head cold in two weeks.

I will miss my two favorite airplane lovers and hope we all survive the separation. Wish us luck!

(Adorable airplane t shirt courtesy of my super-awesome-talented sister-in-law over at chickadeez.)


Hillary said...

Oh, good luck, indeed! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your dad.

Anonymous said...

safe travels -- thinking all good thoughts for your dad

Kate said...

Best of luck, we'll keep your dad (and you and your mom) in our thoughts over here.

That is indeed an adorable t-shirt, and a great photo. I may be totally stupid at this early, pre-coffee hour, but I couldn't figure out how one buys said t-shirts...I so want one!

Emily said...

Hello! This is said sister-in-law who makes the shirts. Yes, unfortunately we are still developing our website to have ordering capabilities. You can go to the 'Contact Us' page on the website and communicate via email: chickadeez.design@gmail.com

I have many more designs than on the website, so just shoot me an email. -Emily

CBHM, we are thinking about all of you today.

Astarte said...

Best of wishes to you and your family!!! I will be thinking of you while we're waiting to hear.

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