#2 on the "Before Leaving California" checklist

(Who knew I'd be so on top of this checklist anyway? And if you try to intimate I might be cheating by not sharing the checklist ahead of time, which clearly means there is no actual checklist, you're almost right. There is a checklist. In my head.)

#2: Have total, real, random celebrity sighting.

We've been in Southern California for over three years now. I've stood in line three people behind Tori Spelling at a coffee shop. I've been out to breakfast and spied the dim-witted brother on My Name Is Earl chowing down on some eggs with, what I have to guess was, his family. I've been out to dinner and been told that David Hasselhoff was JUST there, and OH he really enjoyed the pork chop.

But today totally takes the cake and I can now officially cross this one off the list. This morning, at the old timey carousel in Griffith Park, we walked by none other than K-Fed and his boys (and a couple of nannies, of course). Now if that isn't L.A. I don't know what is!


Kathi said...

Wow! You are doing better than I did when I lived in Pasadena. The best I could do was "Q" from Star Trek (a.k.a. Eugene from Day of our Lives). How exiting! Not that I would know what KFed actually looks like so I would have probably missed the whole thing.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

I would have missed the whole thing too but after noticing the bowl-cut boys and their nannies frolicking on a hillside and thinking "hey, they look like Britney's boys", another mom came over to me and said she had just seen Kevin and was sure it was them. When we were headed to the parking lot, we passed Kevin and there was NO doubt. It's a strange thing to gaze directly at a "Stars! They're just like US!" page come to life.

miyoko said...

my favorite celeb sighting was riding the elevator with Fabio. He even talked to me to boot.

I also saw Ozzy and Juliette Lewis at Starbucks (they were there separately but at the same time)

I think those were the most memorable ones during my time there....

My Buddy Mimi said...

What, an no swarm of paparazzi following them?

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