Tempting fate BIG TIME

It is the last day of the week-long experiment we're calling Operation All Underpants All The Time. And there have been ZERO accidents. (Yes, I know. HELLO FATES, PLEASE COME AND BITE ME IN THE A$$.)

We have been pretty darn lazy about potty training (or "potty learning" if you want to get all touchy feel-y about it). Zoe's shown interest and ability since the summer and school routinely puts her in underwear. But with my first trimester doldrums (haha. What a nice word for "wishing for death") and our travels over the holidays and the stars just not being QUITE RIGHT, she's been a Pull-Up girl all fall and winter.

Last week, she started complaining about wearing diapers at night because the side tabs bother her. (She's a VERY sensitive flower about tags and itchy things so basically anything touching her that isn't loose, VIRGIN ANGEL spun silk or the like is a NO GO.) So we told her we could try pull ups at night and, oh yeah, maybe underwear during the day? She immediately started in underwear and hasn't looked back. No accidents so far. (I know, I KNOW, they're coming. We've already had our regressions last summer, on both our parts, so I know how it works. But this week's success, dare I say it, feels different.)

We had a few major blowups over trying to force her to sit on the potty because DEAR GOD it's been four hours with no potty stop and we're about to get in the car and I'll be damned if I have to clean that damn carseat cover. She's thrown major tantrums to get us to listen to her saying "I DON'T NEED TO GO POTTY" and we finally realized that, um, she's right. She hasn't had an accident yet and if she says she doesn't need to go potty, it is her bladder and she actually KNOWS. (Note to self: Just because I have to go potty every half hour doesn't mean Zoe does. How sad is it that I'm envying my potty-training daughter's bladder control?)

I can't believe how time is marching on. How big Zoe is getting. How BIG I'm getting.
(That weird glow in the picture? It's totally my aura, NOT my lame photography skills.)

You'd think I hadn't done this before. I keep being shocked by the passage of time, the growth of everything and everyone. I keep trying to bend over and OOF there's a baby in the way! Or try to put on some pants and OH RIGHT there's that low hanging belly that prevents things like zippers from operating. (Is it just me or is this second baby so much lower than the first? My pregnant belly bulge now starts at MY PUBIC BONES for f's sake.)

I do love the second trimester (23 weeks down, OMG OVER HALFWAY THERE). Everything tastes good (except for fish. EWWW.), my hair is growing like a chia pet on steroids (though, um, hopefully it looks a little better than one) and people know I'm pregnant but don't yet glance at me nervously like I might drop a babe on the floor right in front of them at the grocery store.

Now if only no one in the house was having pee accidents. *ahem*


Anonymous said...

Yay! Here's hoping for one kid in diapers at a time.

We got Mimi potty trained when I was going every 30 minutes. I didn't even have to think about it too much, just take her with me every time I had to go.

Kathi said...

Go Zoe! I am impressed. Mira still shows little interest in the potty. We got her sitting on it periodically without her diaper and doing NOTHING and we think it is progress. As for the bladder control thing...ugh! No one warned me how much worse it is the second time around. And BTW, you look great!

Erin said...

This post is HILARIOUS in so many ways. And I am BOLSTERED by your potty successes! We're struggling over here, but slowly... very, very, painfully slowly, making potty progress. I love hearing success stories to make me see the light at the end of the sewer pipe.

Also, you look fanstastic! Aura and all.

desperate housewife said...

Well I HAD all kinds of potty comments, but I lost them gazing in wonderment at that belly shot at the end. How is possible that you still have, like, ABS and stuff halfway into your pregnancy? And you can still see your hipbones and stuff??!! You look fabulous, and um, can you please come personal train me so that I can look like that with my third pregnancy? (Which is as yet hypothetical, just to clarify.)

Marie Green said...

I think it IS your aura- you are glowing! Also, I'm impressed with your potty success- even though I have vowed to NEVER potty train my 2 year old (long story, but short of it is I love diapers more than public restrooms), I'm happy for Zoe! She's a supastar!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

marie green- haha! I SO feel you on the public restroom issue. Honestly, that was what has kept Zoe in pull-ups for as long as this! On the airplane this fall, she insisted on going to the potty and I kept telling her "Oh honey, you've got a pull up on. Just let it go." And yesterday (after refusing the potty before we left the house) she said she had to go at the grocery store and "didn't think" she could hold it. So I let her sit, with her perfect smooth hands holding onto the sides of the gnarliest public toilet I've seen in a long time EW EW EW EW.

I washed her hands raw after that.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, this is what I have to look forward to?? As the dad of an 8 month old, potty training is like A THOUSAND YEARS (and yes, the caps were necessary) away.

Jenna, we're wishing you the best with this 2nd kiddo.


miyoko said...

we tossed potty training out the window. phoebe still goes potty, when she wants, and yes, she was almost completely potty trained before 2, but then found out a baby was coming and decided diapers were way cooler. (that goes along with her occasional requests that I HOLD her SIPPY CUP like a BOTTLE for her while she drinks....oy)

my ped suggested i not even bother till the Spring when she's wearing less layers- no longjohns, etc (total east coast mindset) so i'm going to get "strict and tough' when it warms up and this baby is out of my belly and i can walk again. with preschool this fall, it's gotta happen!

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

I was faced with the public toilet issue today and thought of this post. It was the first time Mira wanted to sit on a potty while we were out. It should be a major positive milestone but instead she put her hand in the toilet and completely grossed me out. Ack!

Astarte said...

Oh, you look adorable!!!

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