Taking stock (plus: a giveaway only a Mommy would love!)


Lima Bean's first official non-hand-me-down, which manages to be both exciting (It's pink! It's soft! IT'S TINY!) and depressing (It's a hat with a special flap in front to shield the baby's eyes while she's napping in the car/stroller/carrier because you're too busy with your toddler or the baby's too fussy to be put down in her bed!)


Zoe's first representational drawing! A happy face! I mean, you can actually see it's a face with eyes, a mouth and, uh, ears? A Picasso in the making, I tell you.

Given away:
I stocked up on ovulation and pregnancy tests when we were about to start "trying" this time around. Certainly don't need them anymore and I have already found a taker.

Free to a good home:

A full package (I opened the outer box but didn't open or use any of the packages) of PreSeed. Anyone about to start trying? Send me an email and I'll mail it to you ASAP. (Edited to add: YAY! TAKEN and will be sent off whenever I get my butt in gear ASAP.)


Ten pounds in the last month. Uh, OOPS? I feel a post about my body image coming on.....


Astarte said...

That is the most adorable hat I've ever seen. Period. Oh, how gorgeous it's going to look on her! Can't ... move.... too... cute...

Stephanie Velegol said...

When Sabrina was born Lauren painted her "a picture" and we framed it and it still hangs on Sabrina's wall. It somehow helped me feel like Lauren was helping get ready for her new sister.

Hillary said...

Yes, that drawing is very Picasso-esque. She's a genius.

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