The irises beat me to it

It's dark out now so I can't go take a picture but believe me when I tell you that the irises bloomed before me.

I have entered that phase of extreme pregnancy where I should probably post every day to keep the "are you still pregnant?" emails and phone calls at a minimum.

As of 8:34 pm, Monday May 4th, I am still very pregnant.

After two weeks of having my poor in-laws camped out here to help in the event of an "early" birth, it seems this baby is going to be on time or late. Nothing like making your in-laws stop their whole lives, do your dishes/laundry/cooking and hang out in your one bathroom house for weeks for NOTHING.

Don't get me wrong. I'm THRILLED that Lima Bean didn't come early. She will be full, FULL term. CG and Zoe have their own birthdays. I've had enough time to craft a bit, pack and repack our bag repeatedly, and read some labor/baby/fun books.

We think we've decided on a name. (with help from the Eminence herself!)

We have met with our doula again. We've had several date nights (wherein I insist I'm not very hungry and then proceed to eat most of both of our meals). We've reworked our birth plan and attached it via shiny ribbon to a basket of snacks for the labor and delivery staff. (We've finished all the work for escrow on both of our houses! YAY! It's official!)

What's left? Wash the baby clothes, AGAIN? Embroider doilies for our OB? Make origami cranes out of newborn diapers?


artemisia said...

Oy, yes you are very pregnant! It sounds like you are handling it well, even if it means contemplating making origami from diapers!

I hope you are comfortable and healthy!

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

I just read your Swistle listing and comments. Now I am SOOO curious what your name is. There is a bunch of overlap with our list, but no worries. I am a firm believer in first come first served. And if our "baby 2" beats Lima Bean into this world I will be SUPER shocked. BTW, Ellie is a great nickname for Eliza - Just ask my friend Karen.

kira said...

see lots of bubble butt boy movies!

Erin said...

You should definitely add "post on blog every day" to that list. Every time I see you in my Google Reader, my stomach flips a little bit! I'm so excited!

No matter WHAT, she'll be here SOON. (Which is easy for me to say, I know, since I'm not carrying a full term baby.)

desperate housewife said...

Oh, made it to the due date! Well, have her today and she'll share my husband's birthday! Or maybe on Mother's Day? That'd be kind of sweet.
Also, I remember seeing cross stitches of babies and storks and stuffs done by patients at my old OB's office and I would wonder what intense boredom could have compelled them to do that. Now I know!

Swistle said...

I vote for the diaper origami.

Hillary said...

I didn't realize that was YOU on Swistle! I thought I was the only person in the world that thought Willa was a lovely name ... curious to see what you pick.

Anonymous said...

I love that you're giving a gift basket to the people who help you give birth. That's so nice.

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