How I quit my bitching about TV and came to love, of all things, Barney

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled "Will I ever give birth or will I be the first woman to die of old age with a fully grown adult child still ensconced in my womb?" bitching to talk about, of all things, TV. Because, ahem, several people in my household have been watching a lot of it these days.

Because it deserves a bit of an update.

Because, why not?


This is what a slippery slope looks like:

Upon Zoe's birth, we resolved to keep TV at bay indefinitely.

Sometime after her second birthday, we started watching the copious videos of baby Zoe staring blankly into nothingness/picking her nose/smearing her hands on the camera lens being adorable and used IChat to talk with friends and family far away.

Then we searched for, and found, some music that Zoe learned at school on YouTube. Then Feist videos. Then Feist on Sesame Street. Then Sesame Street snippets with Natalie Portman, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, Destiny's Child, etc. etc. ETC.

Then she discovered, and fell in love with, "Barney and Friends" through the suggested video stills YouTube pops up at the end of each video. And I found an easy, almost-painless way (painless as long as I beat a hasty retreat before the "I love you" song) to get a shower, make a meal, surf the web looking for ways to start labor that don't involve medication or explosive diarrhea.

Then I found myself the other day yelling to Zoe: "Come in here right now and watch a video!".

Um, yeah. Slippery slope indeed.


Okay fine, I can't quite make it a whole post without bitching about STILL being pregnant.

Because, OOOF:

Any day now, Lima Bean, ANY DAY.


Kate said...

I feel like half of what I do as a parent is something I said I wouldn't and later, bit by bit, ended up doing without questioning it. Case in point, my son had Gerber's version of Cheetos for lunch the other day because he simply wouldn't eat anything else. And I didn't even really think twice about it (until now).

I know this wasn't the point of the picture, but I wanted to note that that's a really great shirt!

- Kate (sending "swift arrival" vibes to Lima Bean!)

Hillary said...

eh, whatever works, right.

I don't doubt you're ready for Lima Bean to arrive, but at least you look cute while you wait. Love that top.

belinda said...

Oh sweetheart... You know those support shelves people have for window air conditioners? I feel compelled to build one for you. Maybe with support arms that attach to a walker that you can seat belt to your hips, under your belleh.

Astarte said...

Oy, those stripes make you look very IMAX 3D! But I still say you're one of the prettiest pregnant woman. Everyone I have known, myself very much included, who has gotten to that point has been, shall we say, not so fresh looking.

Astarte said...

Oh, and also, we, too, fell down that slope, and as a result Barney was BANNED from the house as soon as Josie was over it, meaning Patrick never watched it AT ALL. I wasn't taking the chance!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Y'all crack me up!

I do love this shirt as it's one of TWO that still cover most of my belly and the diagonal stripes are a visual reminder that there's "nothing to see here! move along!".

Kira said...

you look stunning! rub that beautiful baby belly for me! xo

Kathleen said...

You look so lovely! And I really relish your continued mix of seriousness and humor around all these parenting issues.

BTW, had lunch with a friend on Tues who is due to deliver TWINS, by next Wed. Now THAT was pregnant. Like, SCARY PREGNANT...

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