Not a rookie/Still a rookie

Not a rookie:
I know better than to rush to a diaper change upon hearing the first trumpets heralding a fresh poopy diaper. Better to wait a few minutes to make sure the deposit is complete.

Still a rookie:
I am apparently STILL incapable of changing a poopy diaper without using 146 wipes and getting orangey poop on my hands/my shirt/her clothes.


Not a rookie:
I never aim my daughter's lovely face directly at mine when trying to burp her as I have had spit up land IN MY MOUTH in the past and I will NOT make the same mistake again.

Still a rookie:
I have still managed to get spit up in my hair and EAR this time around and the babe is not even two weeks old yet.


Not a rookie:
I slept, fitfully, in the same room as Zoe until she was 8 weeks old (at which time we moved her into her crib in her own room), listening to her every ragged, uneven breath and holding my breath at every piggy snort. Now I am sleeping in the same room as Eliza but I am sleeping WITH EARPLUGS (that allow to me hear her fussing or crying but tune out most of the rest).

Still a rookie:
I still listen to every ragged breath (when the earplugs are out and sometimes I strain to hear her breathing even with them in) and wonder if this rattle is a harbinger of her first cold, does that sigh mean her sleep patterns are wonky and OMG DO YOU THINK THAT STUTTER IN HER BREATH MEANS SHE HAS SLEEP APNEA?!?!


Not a rookie:
In reviewing all my infant sleep books/chapters, I was reminded that the most important thing about the first couple of weeks is to make sure that Eliza gets a full feeding each time to help set up a clear feeding/waking/sleeping schedule in her wee brain. Simple, right?

Still a rookie:
Ah jeez. What is a full feeding anyway?
She's rooting AGAIN and it's only been 45 minutes.
She's DEAD ASLEEP after 5 minutes of nursing. I've vigorously rubbed her feet, her head and her back. I've stripped off her clothes. I've poked her, wiped her with a wet washcloth, even rubbed her sternum (like I've seen ER doctors do to measure level of consciousness). I GIVE UP.


Not a rookie:
I am so much more relaxed this time, enjoying Eliza's little baby-ness instead of worrying over every little hiccup or red skin splotch. Holding her on my chest as she sleeps, I drink her in, knowing just how fleeting this blissful pastime is.

Still a rookie:
How is it that Eliza is already almost 2 weeks old? This is my "last" baby (or so I've professed) and I know I will never get her infancy back yet it seems to be flying by without me noticing. MAKE IT STOP.


artemisia said...

I love that you are sleeping with earplugs. And that you can lap up every moment of her right now.

Mrs. Chicken said...

This is exactly how I felt about my second. Rookie/Not Rookie is the perfect way to sum it up! It does go SO FAST the second time, enjoy as much as you can.

bat7mess said...

All so true. I giggled at the part about the trumpets heralding the poopy diaper!

Eleanor Q. said...

Too funny! Can I just say that i'm totally in awe that you are posting frequently with two kids, one of whom is a newborn. Perhaps that's another thing that the Not A Rookie can do?

Astarte said...

If only the little ones came with some sort of 'fullness' indicator, that whole full-feeding thing would be a lot easier! Also a pain - the advice of 'don't feed them to sleep' when they get older. I mean, what are we supposed to do, shake them?!

(hahha! my verify is 'ballsei!'!

Gina said...

I am right there with you with the "too fast".

I say every day how much I hate the newborn fussiness but I also say how much I love the newborn sweetness.

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