Money can't buy me love. But can it buy me 5 minutes of peace and quiet?

We all survived the weekend. The rain is supposedly going away, Z's health and mood have both improved, CG is feeling a bit better and I still haven't gotten sick (*knock wood*toss salt*cross fingers*).

However, this weekend's rain/sickness/poor mood miasma made me do something I swore I would never do.

I tried to spend my way out of the dreariness.

People, I am NOT a shopper. I do not "go shopping" for fun; I "go shopping" because we would eventually starve/go naked without the contents of a specific store. And I always thought it was bizarre (and somewhat lacking in moral fortitude) that parents just buy tons of CRAPPY PLASTIC JUNK so that they can IGNORE their kids for a few more minutes. Or HOURS.

And yet, there I was yesterday, heading to Target without needing ANYTHING. Literally; I couldn't justify going for toothpaste or toilet paper or laundry detergent. We needed NOTHING. I went shopping for the sole purpose of buying my child something that would keep her happy and quiet long enough for me to PEE BY MYSELF and possibly read most of the Sunday NY Times in peace. She has been crazy CLINGY in her sickness and as much as I love to her pieces and mist up at the sight of her sometimes, I also would really love to SCRAPE her off of me for just a few minutes these days.

I went to buy me some CRAPPY PLASTIC JUNK.

Because clearly the solution to being cramped up in a cluttered house is to BUY MORE CRAP.

I was tres bummed to find the toy shelves of Target seriously picked over- at 2 pm on a rainy Sunday, after a week of rain. You mean I'm not the only one with this BRILLIANT idea?? EFF. There were no Little People sets that she didn't already have. There was no facsimile of the awesome pop-up tent that my parents had in New Jersey. There were no new baby dolls different or interesting enough to justify purchasing, even in this time of NEED.

I came home with an aqua doodle something-or-other that held her attention for about the length of time I spent opening it.

So, what did we learn? STOCK UP on the crappy plastic junk ahead of major rainstorms. That and aqua doodle sticks happen to fit perfectly up a toddler-size nostril. (Well, technically, Z learned that while I tried to KEEP HER from learning it.)


Anonymous said...

We took Mimi to the aquarium, which is mostly indoors. She had a great time, but it turns out that everyone else had that idea too.

The highlight of the trip--me walking straight into a blind man. Obviously he could not see me, but I was too distracted looking for Mimi in the crowd to see him either.

mirasmom said...

The aquadoodle can be a great thing. Mira got one for Christmas. If the pen isn't interesting (or too interesting) try a bowl of water and a paint brush. Mira also learned she could put her hands in the water and then hit the mat and it goes "splat!". Of course it is a bit messier than the pen and you have to hold the bowl.

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