Why I can NEVER live in the Pacific Northwest.

It's been raining here in LA all week and I know this is a good thing and our aquifers and plants and trees all need it.

You want to know who doesn't need it? A mom with a small, cluttered house and a cranky, sick toddler who wants to go "owside!" but once brought outside finds it uncomfortably, inconveniently "wet!" yet doesn't want to go back inside. I believe the instructions I was being given were akin to "stop it from raining, Mom". With a few toddler profanities thrown in.

Trust me, I would stop it if I could. If only to let Z run around in our backyard to burn off whatever strange, sick-toddler energy she's got going on this week.

You know it's bad when you aren't even looking forward to the weekend. With CG coming down with a new flu today (effing EFF!), more rain in the forecast and Z still making truly disastrous diapers on a regular basis, it's looking like more of the same only without new Daily Shows to watch during naptime.

And we're going to have to cancel our babysitter for tomorrow night. For the third time this month. Apparently we're NEVER going on a date ever again.

Wake me when it's Monday. (Now THERE's a sad statement.)


Marie Green said...

It hasn't been above zero here for WEEKS. Literally. I'm not even kidding.

So, nah,nah, I've got you beat! =)

Stephanie said...

yeah, I agree. It is so cold here and I am recovering from the flu...that started on Tuesday. When I go outside I cough from the cold and dry air... so we are here at home...basically since Tuesday.

My 4 year old still has a fever and we all sound like a bunch of smokers with our coughing. My husband is the only one not sick but he is fairly overwhelmed with work, on Saturday (partially from taking care of me all week).

SO, I was actually dreaming of LA! I will have to start dreaming of Bermuda instead. :)

Spring is coming and when it does, we will all rejoice again.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck getting your date night, and I hope CG doesn't get the rest of you sick.

Mirasmom said...

Oh honey! I am so sorry you have a sick toddler in the rain. It just sucks. I hear your pain. I did it for the last three days and started inventing reasons to go to Trader Joe's to keep my sanity. I am sending mom power your way. You can do it! And if you run out of things to do strip her down to her diaper and get out the finger paints. Then put her in the bath for an extra play session or two. That advice came from a mom with more experience than me and I plan on trying it during the rain storm tomorrow. Good Luck!

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