Today's Google list.

1. Z has been chattering away to herself A LOT lately. Sometimes she sounds JUST like the homeless people in my old San Francisco neighborhood.

Google search: "symptoms early multiple personality disorder"

lesson learned: Stop freaking out because she's chattering in jibberish.

2. Twenty months of diapers is getting a little old.

Google search: "early potty training bad?"

lesson learned: Yes and no and we'll just wait.

3. She's had an ear infection and a new tooth on deck so we're engaged in our very own drug trial comparing the benefits of Tylenol vs. Motrin.

Google search: "excessive infant tylenol"

lesson learned: Don't google that before bedtime, after you've given your kid her third dose for the day.

4. I'm so over the three weeks of sickness (we were well for 1 day before coming down with something new. ARG.) and a week of rain (wah, LA rain, wah).

Google search: "vacation rentals maui"

lesson learned: We can't afford the daydream-inspiring houses on the beach and none of them include a live-in nanny. LAME.


Anonymous said...

I have googled Tylenol too--such a bad idea! My dad is a doctor and sees a lot of patients who have liver damage due to excess Tylenol. I got the Tylenol lecture when I was about three months pregnant. I get completely paranoid too because he brings it up ALL the time.

Marie Green said...

Well, I have learned to NEVER consult Dr. Google. ALWAYS results is panicked disaster.

And never do google searches before bed- my mind is all to willing to wander to the dark side of ANY topic...

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