Tea for two.

We have now added puking and pink eye to our list of ailments over here at Chez Clueless But Hopeful. We should be quarantined indefinitely.

I know I don't live in True Winter but still. Can I whine a bit and ask: "Is it spring yet?"

Also, who needs crappy plastic junk when you have a box of tea bags and a laundry basket?

Apparently, Sweet Dog only likes Lemon Ginger and Vanilla Roiboos.


miyoko said...

I have a similar photo of my living room --- where i discovered, perhaps flash cards of animals and things are best for when P is older and can SIT and use them and then PUT THEM AWAY rather than have mommy play the game "306 PICKUP" with them. oh well, best intentions....
feel better.
i tried to avoid the fluey-sounding nanny at the library playroom today, but i may be in for some sick days ahead.....

Anonymous said...

At our place we have a similar situation with crayons. They are not for drawing evidently. They are for dumping all over the floor, and also putting in your back pocket, followed by leaning up against the wall and climbing on the couch. You can imagine the rest.

Mom101 said...

I'm wondering whether it was the dog or the kid playing with the laundry basket and teabags. In our household, it could be either.

(And thanks for the blogroll mention, mama. Much obliged!)

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