Dentists, Paci Fairies and, oh yeah, DADS rule.

The dentist: Our pediatric dentist's office was a total psychedelic kid zone- there were colorful stickers, stuffed/plastic creatures and acid-trip murals on EVERY POSSIBLE surface, the staff was unwaveringly friendly, and flat screen TVs above the dentist chairs played animated movies.

Zoe didn't want to leave.

She let them "take pictures" of her teeth without complaint and even let them polish her teeth with that noisy polishing dealie with only mild complaints (no doubt due to TV-induced coma). They were so efficient and so warm with her and jeez, why don't I just go type this on some local parenting message board? Or better yet, write their PR for them?

The Paci Fairy: The Paci Fairy came. Took pacis. Left small gift. The end.

Okay so there was some crying at naptime yesterday (the first time sleeping without a paci since she was 2 months old). And last night sucked donkey balls. (At bedtime, there was much crying, wailing and the type of sniffling/gagging where you can't catch your breath or get out intelligible words. It was almost enough to cause me to suddenly find one last paci that the Paci Fairy had left behind just in case she REALLY needed it.) BUT. Today's nap (let's focus on that shall we?) started with one sad little "Zoe miss pacis" but then proceeded to an easy, silent, regular old nap. Could this be it? One day of crying?

*fingers crossed that she doesn't try to steal some kid's paci at daycare on Tuesday*

Dads: My dad used to make up bedtime stories. We would sit on the bed and each take turns telling stories about a bear named Esmerelda. Sometimes she was ferocious, sometimes she was a princess, sometimes she was a Mommy who loved her kids and made them cookies before going out at night to work as a paramedic (like my mom). This was my favorite part of the day.

My husband makes up songs with Zoe. She gets obsessed with a new song every couple of weeks and that is the only song she wants to hear. So CG embellishes it, adds lines and characters and codas. He asks for her input. He laughs when she laughs. He makes her laugh.

And both them laughing is the very best sound I've ever heard.

Happy Father's Day.


Anonymous said...

Is your dentist perhaps Sumalee Sangsurasak? The office sounds familiar...if so great dentist..my kids go there and so will Baby Zoe when it's time.

Tawny Mommy (the one who emailed you)

MirasMom said...

Are kids supposed to see a dentist at 2? If so, I missed the memo. Better get on that. I hope we have a dentist that is so much fun! Glad the dentists and the paci weaning went as well as it did.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

It is Dr. Sumalee (thank god she goes by her first name or I'd be totally screwed). Her office is great, isn't it? I think I should go find a website to review her practice....

Anonymous said...

I knew it was Dr. Sumalee's office (I have no idea how to pronounce her last name). I have been very happy with her and I would personally give her a good recommendation and know several other families who would as well. She doesn't try to push anything on you that isn't necessary ($$$) and I find her to be very honest. I also like the way she explains things not only to the parents but to the kids as well. This becomes very important as they get older. My oldest is 11 years old now...we have been patients for 8+ years and so far so good.

See....one more thing we have in common.

Tawny Mommy

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