Photo Booth is my new favorite app.

I was checking in with Catherine just now and saw this post.  Which led me to this post of Sweetney's.  (Can you say PROCRASTINATING?)

So here I am trying out the photo booth application on my new (old) laptop.  

First the "come as you are" pic for Sweetney (gotta love the perma-ponytail)

Then, about 157,000 more like these:



Erica said...

I'm SO GLAD to know that I'm not the only one who has done this.


grammalouie said...

It's all my fault. I've been making funny faces all my life and always said I would know when I got OLD when I stopped making them so here I am an official "senior citizen", trying to stave off oldness by still doing this. Obviously there is no hope for me. Love, yer ma

Sas. said...

Oh, I miss your squishy face!

I recently discovered photo booth as my SIL wants to video skype and, Really? My computer has a camera? What will they think of next!?

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