Wash baby in bath- YES. Wash baby with hose- NO.

It appears that parental book hiding has started in earnest at our house and not for any of the myriad reasons I would have predicted.

Safe Baby Handling Tips was a baby shower gift that we perused a bit when I was pregnant, giggled over and forgot about. Because of its size and hard cover, it got shelved with Zoe's board books at some point and there it stayed, completely ignored, for about two years.

Until Zoe discovered it and decided it was her new favorite book.

Zoe calls it the "Mommy Daddy Book" and requests it regularly these days. There are pages I skip over (like the one where the baby is stuffed in her daddy's backpack) and the pages that I find troubling but Zoe adores (like the one where the baby is sitting in a fishtank. She giggles every time and says "baby in WATER!" incredulously.) (I'd put up photos of these pages if I could find the darn cable to do it. I'm still in computer purgatory.)

In the authors' defense, this is NOT a children's book AND those examples are under the "don't" headline. The book is truly amusing when read by adults, preferably with cocktails in hand. When read by an earnest, Clueless But Hopeful Mama in the presence of her precious, impressionable two year old? NOT SO MUCH.

In my defense..... well, the book is now hidden. I PROMISE.


My Buddy Mimi said...

We had the set of refrigerator magnets, also a baby shower gift, and eventually we noticed that a bunch of them were missing. And this was way before Mimi was old enough to be a suspect. Our only guess is that someone that was in our house found them amusing and just took a rew. I mean seriously, who does that? And also, I want the one with the baby drinking coffee back.

mirasMom said...

We have a book called Hatched that is for parents to enjoy. It is an hysterical picture book with these pipe cleaner chicks in funny scenes depicting pregnancy, child birth and parenting inside jokes. Kevin and find them hysterical. Thing is Mira found the book and loves the pictures of the chicks. Of course, most of the jokes are totally inappropriate for a toddler (e.g. pooping during labor, counting the minutes til you can put your kid back in its crib, etc.). I will be hiding it soon. Mira will be sad. She loves those chicks!

~d said...

so funny.. lol

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